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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Remember When: Windows and Doors

I am always fascinated by old buildings. I picture the people who lived or worked in them. I imagine the mother looking out the windows at her children in the yard.
These windows were all piled up at an antique store in Washington. Many mixed media artists use old windows like this for displays. I'd love to have one of them.
I also imagine the men leaving for work or going out to mow the lawn. I fell in love with this beautiful doorway during one of my walks.

Such a beautiful shade of purple.
Seeing all the abandoned buildings during my trip has me thinking about the people who came before. I can picture in my head many old family photos with somebody in a doorway. Usually coming out or posing in front on the steps.
Do you have family photos with windows and doors?

Memoir Prompts:

Did your family settle near any major rivers? How about creeks or "criks" as my Grandma pronounced it.

Did you ever stand in doorways during storms because some believed it was safer?

Were you told not to go near the windows during a lightening storm?

Write a memory of looking out a window.

Are you a person who locks every window and door or do you tend to leave them open? How has that changed over the years?

What type of window coverings do you prefer? What kind were in your parent's house?

What "doorway" would you like to open?


  1. I love the photo of the old windows.

    1. They had so many cool art inspiring things there.

  2. I have a thing about doors that are rounded at the top. Plus big porches. I love to ride around the historic district of Ocala and wonder what the old houses look like inside.

    And when the weather is nice (and cool) I love to have my windows open. I also like lots of windows - for the light, but not the cleaning :-)

    1. Do they ever do tours of the historic houses? They have a lot of those in Phoenix for different districts. Sometimes it is disappointing what people do to them though.

  3. Cool doors, I love having my windows and doors open. We're so lucky to live in Phoenix where we can do that most of the year.


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