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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesdays With Rita: Baby's First Christmas

I was going to try and find another holiday photo from my own childhood but decided this might be better.

Two weeks ago I posted a picture of my first Christmas. This is my daughter's first Christmas. We were at my mother's house and as you can see Mom loved to decorate.
I don't remember what else Jessica got that year or even much of what happened but she did have that stuffed puppy for a long time.

Look closely at the bottom of the tree, right in the middle.. . . see that pink ornament with the gold balls around the outside? I remember when we bought those. It was at Gibson's in Great Bend, Kansas. It's funny that one of the set is on the tree from my 11th Christmas which I posted last week.

Ironically, I picked those ornaments out and Jessica always said they were the ugliest ornaments we had. Ugly or pretty they still have a place in our family history.

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  1. ornaments are treasures. very full of memories. i have ornaments so old so full of memories as yours. merry christmas my sweet friens to you, husband, and to your children and grandchildren as well.
    and big big hug!!!!
    one day my friend we are not that far :-)


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