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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blog Award

My friend Amy over at tbn ranch
always inspires me or gives me a much needed chuckle with her zany outlook on life, animals and getting by.

Amy is a great poet, animal groomer, horse, dony and chicken owner and who knows what else.

Amy has honored me with a This Candle Lighter Award for blogs which bring light to the world, through positive and uplifting writing. Thank you, Amy.

I pondered this over night and have come up with two blogs that I feel especially meet the criteria.

http://www.alittlerain.com/uncategorized/life-after-cancer/ is my friends blog about being diagnosed with cancer and beating it. Now she is moving on in a strong, awe inspiring post-cancer life. Go spend a little time with Elaine and learn what a true fighter is.

Carmen inspires me in a different way. Her posts read like poetry and she is always sharing her wonderful artwork with the world. Drop by and pay her a visit at http://www.couragetocreatewriteandlove.com/

If you receive this award, there’s more good news… there’s no rules! You can pass it along if you like or just let me know you received the message. Congratulations Ladies, thank you Amy and Happy Holidays to One and All.


  1. i am so honored...
    i always hear of awards, i mean blog awards, and i wonder how to get one ;-) LOL i have my ego after all, LOL
    now the first person you mentioned before and her battle with cancer, WOW! oh my! that is something and i am heading to visit her and honored HER
    my friend, this award coming from you, a very real writer calling my writing poetry....oh i want to be a poet! i love words! all day i write from my heart and yes i want to do and make poetry and music with the things and life i do and make everyday, life is sooooo beautiful when you see it in the moment and see and feel it and there is reason for everything.
    you are a poem.
    you are making me sooo complete and happy
    thank YOU!!
    it means a lot to me.
    thank YOU!

  2. Thank you Rita. Everyone loves to receive awards. But I don't know how deserving I am of being any better than anyone else. When faced with adversity, one either folds or rises to meet the occasion the best that one can. And that was all that I did. The alternative was not an option for me as I have not completed my life's goals and endeavors. I think every one of us is a hero in their own right. You are, in the work that you do for our club, for the crafts that you create to make people feel more happiness in their lives. All parents who are raising children, all teachers who are teaching the next generation. These are the heroes. It is within each one of us and when we are volunteers, that even increases our worth in the eyes of our fellow man.


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