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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesdays With Rita: Friendships


Over the years I have been lucky to have some truly wonderful friends. One of them is Janna, who gave me a haunting book by Gail Caldwell; "Let's Take the Long Way Home: A Memoir of Friendship."

While reading I found many wonderful phrases I wanted to remember. I didn't. I tried scanning back through but I can't find them. I know, I know, I should write them down or mark the pages or something but I hate interrupting my reading. And since I don't have a memory many things are lost to me. But the feeling remains. The feeling of joy over the friendship the author had with her friend, Caroline. The feeling of sadness when Caroline died. The warm fuzzy feeling I always get when I read about people who truly love their dogs.

My first "best friend" was Patty. She lived next door and although my memories of her are dim the feeling of having a true friend remains.

This picture is dated July 1960 but I wonder how long it stayed in Mom's camera before she had it developed. I was six. Patty must have been younger, but I don't remember. This was taken in our living room. That's the television on which I watched "Captain Kangaroo" and "Gunsmoke."

This one is dated May 1961. It was taken on the corner of Patty's corner lot. That was a favorite spot to hide when we played hide-and-seek on those long summer nights. I was heartbroken when Patty moved away. It seems it wasn't long after this because I was still young when the next family moved in.

I wish I could remember more about Patty. I imagine we played dolls and probably cowboys with my ranch set. I'm sure we caught lightening bugs. Patty went to a different (Catholic) school so she was my "at home" friend.

Who was your first best friend? What did you enjoy doing?


  1. You are so right on remembering the "feelings" of times with those special friends. We had three families that traveled around the world together (all of us were Army brats and our fathers often moved from station to station together) and I still remember the good ole days! Days of playing hide n'seek, red rover, hop scotch, roller skates and scooters and just discovering all sorts of places outside. Kids just doin't hang outside anymore...too bad cause they are missing so much.

  2. Hi Rita, Oh you are so right, friendship is so precious and its wonderful you still have the memories of your friendship with Patty captured in these photographs, sadly I have none like that but wish i had. ... as for truly loving your dog ... I have had mine for just a year now and I am totally in love with him ... he is the cutest little fella ever and i cant bear to think ahead to when he may not be here ... in the meanwhile ... he makes me smile every single day.
    I just wanted to let you know i have a gorgeous background freebie on my Dezinaworld blog at the moment but it will be gone at the end of the week so please pop by and grab it before its gone. Have a great week.If you get chance to mention it on your blog that would be appreciated too but only if you have the time of course.
    hugs June

  3. What great photomemories Rita. They are a joy to behold. My oldest friend is called Wendy. We met when we were 4 years old. Sadly we lost touch, but only recently. My photos of us as children are among my most precious. Pen x


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