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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Inner Critics and Lace

My good friend and writing pal, Windy Lynn Harris, was one of the first to order an Inner Critic. Her enthusiastic response when she received her IC runs through my mind whenever I work on them.
Her words give me inspiration and confidence.

Last week Windy named her IC and wrote about that inner voice on her wonderful blog, The Backstory Cafe. The comments to her blog reminds us that we are the only ones fighting that critical voice.

I will remember Windy and Eye Roll every time I sort through my stash of buttons looking for just the right combination for each little critter.

Meanwhile, I have more ICs waiting for their eyes.

Other projects will come out of this large pile of vintage laces I found the other day.
They were smashed in to plastic bags and I really had no idea how much was there until I let them loose
on the living room floor. 

I sat and looked at the pile and tried to decide what to do with it all. I do have very limited storage and working space.

Two days later the pile was tamed into neat little piles. 

While sorting, many ideas for future projects wandered through my mind.
Wall hangings, pillows, journal covers...

As I sat at the eye doctor's office this morning I even pictured a pretty, lacy glasses case.
Can't be that hard, right?


  1. It's a good idea to just sort through all the stuff we collect, the process to sorting and sifting inspires ideas- like it i with you.
    As for the IC, maybe we shouldn't always be too hard on this creature, because it does make us think and rethink, and challenges to look it in its rollong eyes and create!!

  2. Look at all that wonderful lace just waiting to be made into something fabulous!!

  3. Love the idea of naming your inner critic and using your little pals as reminders of our inner critics...AND really love the idea of ZIPPING up their mouths...I need one of those for my sister...she has a big inner critic...lol Boy that's a lot of lace...perhaps your inner critics need lace cuffs ;)

  4. Hi Rita,
    My Inner Critic doll had a special spot on my desk! Eye Roll and I are editing up a storm in my home office. I just love this little guy :) Every writer and artist needs one of their own!

  5. oh my! what's on your table is yummy for my eyes


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