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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesdays With Rita: Halloween

Here's my Maggie in her cowgirl outfit. Ain't she purdy?

I think just about everybody has Halloween memories. The great or not-so-great costumes, trick-or-treating and classroom parties. I don't remember most of my costumes. I have a picture (somewhere) of me in a store-bought princess costume and I remember being a cowgirl one year (in the outfit in my banner) but that's all I remember. When I wore the cowgirl outfit one man asked me to do a trick...I did a quick draw with my pistol. What else? That would be scary these days. How sad is that?

Mom always made popcorn balls. It was an all-day event and I loved them. All the kids got them. Now you can't hand them out or if somebody did they would just be thrown out. Sad. We carved pumpkins but we were poor and I seem to remember Mom not wanting to carve them because if we just drew on them they could still be used for pie. I guess some years were better than others. We even made caramel apples a few times. Just smelling them takes me back to those days.
Halloween was fun and kind of scary.

Most of all I remember the candy. Not necessarily the Halloween candy but the wax lips, the candy cigarettes, Black Cows, Red Hots, wax bottles, Pixy Stix, Sugar Daddys and Fireballs. Oh my. Most of those things make my teeth hurt just thinking about them. Grandma always had butterscotch discs or lemon drops. I still remember that special candy dish.

Check out this candy store where you can see some of the candies popular by decade. It is amazing how many of these are still around. I was surprised to see Almond Joy came out in the '40s. That was too take for my younger years but I love them now. (My favorite candy is anything by Reese's.)

I'm sure there are many candies I've forgotten just as I've forgotten those Halloween costumes. What were some of your favorites? Are they still around? What memories do these candies conjure up?


  1. Hey Rita-I have a photo of Sparky wearing a tiny cowboy hat when we lived in Texas and also dressed in a witch hat and cape--which I forced him to wear up and down the street. He didn't like it much!!

  2. Oh my gosh--this is so adorable!!! I came over to let you know that if you want to be entered into the contest for the CSN giveaway, just post your email on my blog so they have a way to contact you if you win!!
    Have a beautiful day!

  3. Hi Rita, what a lovely post and a sweet dog :) I live in the UK so things are very different here at halloween. It is now following many of the halloween ways of the States but when i was a child, we didnt do trick or treat or have candy. We would carve (not a pumkin as they were not available here then but are now ) a turnip and add string through the top half and add a candle then we would go knocking on doors chanting 'penny for halloween' and we children would collect as many pennies as we could and share them to spend on sweets(candy)
    thanks for your lovely post my friend
    hugs June xxxx

  4. how cute your Maggie is, My new puppy is also named Maggie. Thanks for the nice words about my Fabric Collages. Have a good evening, Carol Mae

  5. Such a cute doggie! Thanks for popping by my blog and saying hi. Enjoy the rest of your day. :-)

  6. I was a gypsy. I loved this outfit because it not only fit my personality but the clothing, dresses, scarfs and such with big dangling earrings and head dress. It was so much fun! I'm new to your blog and enjoying my visit. Thank you for having me. Tammy


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