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Monday, October 11, 2010

Pink is Everywhere

Last week I received a call from a friend in the Phoenix Writers Club. We are both on the board; she is the secretary and I'm the newsletter editor. She is also a speaker, author, dog lover and warm, smiling lady.

Elaine called to tell me she has breast cancer. As the conversation went on I was blown away by her positive attitude and the plans she had made. One of them was to start a blog. Here, just a week later she is writing on that blog, A Little Rain: Diary of a Cancer Patient, about joining in a 5K race for survivors.

Elaine told me last week that she has drastically changed her diet and is researching more about how to fight this battle. She is already sharing that information with a tab for diet hints.

I've heard, many times, that a positive attitude is the most important ingredient to recovery. Elaine has plenty of that and I know those who come in contact with her will come away with an added bit of strength.

I send best wishes to Elaine and everyone else who is a patient, a survivor, or knows somebody who is. I hope I can do my small part by spreading the word...

October is Cancer Awareness Month.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's diagnosis, but really glad to hear she's handling it the way she is. I deeply believe that the way we tackle things has a huge impact and it sounds like she's really proactive and upbeat! I'll be checking out her blog here in a bit. ;)

  2. She has a great attitude--that will go a long way towards helping her to fight this disease!

  3. My little family and I walked in the Race for the Cure yesterday. It was inspiring to see so many survivors in their bright pink shirts!

  4. She sounds like a very inspiring lady...I too have a friend with breast cancer and her attitude is amazing....We can all learn from these couragous women.....

  5. WoW. The strength of the human spirit is amazing. Godspeed to Elaine. Thank you for bringing this important matter front and center. *hugs*

  6. Rita, I'm really sorry to hear about Elaine's diagnosis. My prayers are with her.


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