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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Horse Love

I took a break from helping working on the house today and flipped on the tv while I folded clothes.

I was completely stunned to see this gorgeous horse competing in the World Cup in Kentucky today.
This is an older video but it give you and idea of how Ravel moves.


I called Doug in and had him watch with me as this amazing horse went through his moves; trotting, walking and literally dancing in time to the music. This particular video is an older one and I hope more from today show up on You Tube.

I know I've seen You Tube videos embedded in a blog and I just haven't figured that one out yet.
Most of you have probably guessed that I love horses. I wanted one when I was young and that desire never went away. When I was in college I took equestrian classes and actually won a trophy at one of the practice shows. This is me on Ajax as I received my prize.

Soon after we were married I was ecstatic to be able to buy a horse. Just an old range horse but I loved him to pieces. Here's me, Blazer, and Doug about 30 years ago.

Blazer may not have been a Ravel but he was my horse and some of the happiets moments of my life were sitting on his back or brushing his big bay body.

There is absolutely nothing like a horse.


  1. I didn't know you were a horse lover! I ride every summer at the H.F. Bar ranch in Wyoming -- I love it there. I've been riding since I was a young girl. My first job, in fact, was working at a stable at a NJ beach and riding peoples' horses for them when they couldn't get there often enough to ride themselves.

  2. Oh Rita-look at you and Doug--what a great photo and of course you would love horses-cowgirl that you are!!!

  3. Blazer is beautiful! What a great family photo :)

  4. Gorgeous! All three of you, and Ajax too! How thrilling to win a trophy and then to finally get your own horse!


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