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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Elvis Presley Flaming Star

Gotta love it. Elvis as a cowboy. Thanks to my friend, Richard,
for posting this on Facebook.


  1. Rita,

    Elvis wanted to be taken seriously as a dramatic actor, and "Flaming Star" gave him the chance. He played a character who was half white and half Native American -- caught between two worlds. It's considered his best performance and best film by many. However, the rest of us are probably glad he went back to singing and dancing in his films!

  2. Is this the movie that he sang "Love me Tender" in? He was a cowboy in that movie. I remember going to the theater and every time he barely said a word someone screamed--so I thought that was fun. I think I was about 10 and so I screamed right along with them!!


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