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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Follow Up On Crayons

Hello All,
I just had to add a bit about the crayons.

I am a co-founder of the Writers Inspiration Group which meets every Tuesday. We take turns providing writing prompts to the group. After the prompt is given we write for about 10 minutes. Then we go around and read, or pass. We don't critique; we just share. We are almost to our Fourth Anniversary.

Today I took in my pile of back-to-school supplies including 6 boxes of crayons. I also had some coloring pages I had printed off the Internet. I told the group about sniffing crayons and then let them color for awhile. Then we wrote about our back-to-school memories.

Picture 15 adults in a corner of the bookstore sniffing crayons and then quietly coloring. One of the men asked me what to do with it when we finish and I told him to take it home and put it on his fridge.

Here's my Mrs. Duck.
She came from Free Coloring Pages. (Thank you.)

Many in the group commented on how relaxing it was to color. They're right. Coloring is great for stress and will all the back-to-school sales so cheap. So get to coloring.

Now excuse me, I have to go put my picture on the fridge.


  1. Hello from Phoenix Rita!
    I am you newest follower on your wonderful blog.
    I still remember how I loved when my Mother would color with us. She would outline the item in heavy crayon; then fill it in with just a light touch of the same color. I use to think she was the best "colorer" in the world. Have a great Wednesday! And I love how you describe comments as "Internet hugs". *hugs*

  2. What a fun activity for your group and a great way to open the door to childhood back to school memories. Wish i was part of your writing group!

  3. are you kidding! colouring is what I naturally do when I'm stressed out...I sit down with a colouring book or some drawing outlines my hubby has made and begin to colour...it's the motion...and the scent of crayola that soothes and takes me back to those innocent childhood days,...

    I can just imagine the fun you all had!

    wish I was there!

    ciao bella


  4. Sometimes we forget..creating SHOULD be fun!Thanks for the reminder..its easy to get caught in the rush rush.Warmest Regards,Cat

  5. Hi Rita...I just had to come back here and reply to your comment suggestion to tuck some actual vintage pages into my KOBO cover! that is sheer genius and we both know the importance of smell...right CRAYOLA lady!

    thanks so much for coming by to see me!

    ciao bella



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