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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesdays With Rita: Picture Day

Do you remember picture day in elementary school? I don't remember the days but through the pictures I can just see what Mom was doing to my hair. It's funny that second grade I went to live with my grandparents and that's when I have the smooth little pixie. I don't have a fourth grade photo but I must have put my foot down sometime in there because I have a smooth cut in fifth grade. She obviously got to my bangs though. Oh my. It was near the end of third grade that I got my glasses. They stay in my pictures until I turn 16 when I finally got contacts.
I do remember the teenage angst of the photos from junior high and highschool. Days of deciding what to wear and then hours of fighting the hair in the morning.
Now if my hair lays down it is good. Too many other things to do.
Share some photos with us.


  1. It's funny, mom. Your 5th grade picture looks alot like how I looked, except the glasses are different. I must have took after Nana when it comes to cutting bangs. I do a number on my boys bangs, lol.
    I always hated picture day. Hate having my picture taken even now.

  2. We didn't take school pictures in my elementary school- sometimes a group photo-but not often. I got glasses in the second grade and got contacts when I was 13. What a difference that made in my life!! Now i am back to glasses again.

  3. oh this is such a sweet post! i love the sentimental value....and all of your hairdo's are cute!

    it's fun to look back on older photos...it brings us some very necessary smiles at times, right!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  4. you look so cute Rita!! I had to wear glasses too and I always hated them!

  5. You are so cute and photogenic! How cool were those glasses! Wonder when they'll be back in style?!

  6. I really enjoyed looking at your photos..so sweet..and a wonderful way to treasure the past.Warmest Regards,Cat


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