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Monday, December 28, 2009


New Year's Resolutions are usually about starting something new or giving something up. We hear over and over, I resolve to go on a diet, eat healthier, exercise more, quit smoking, stay on a budget; the list is endless.

While reading a back issue of "Artful Blogging" magazine I noticed in more than one article the addiction to blogging. That made me curious. How do we know we are addicted? Is there an itch, a craving, a nervous twitch? I realized it is almost the first of the month and soon a new set of Somerset publications will hit the stands. I can't wait. I'm addicted. I also admit to jumping on my computer to check my e-mails whenever possible but I haven't developed an addiction to blogs, yet.

I have noticed my hand actually does seem to twitch when I see writers or think about writing in my journals. So I guess I can safely say I am addicted to putting pen to paper. During the past year that has developed into visual journaling with markers, paints, stamps, glue, bits of paper and colored pencils added to the list of things that curb the twitch.

So, back to resolutions; yes, I plan on exercising more, eat healthier, and stay on a budget, but I also plan on feeding my addictions to writing and art. And through my daily life and my blog I hope to get as many people as possible to join me.

I hope you will add writing, art, and play to your list of resolutions and join me in a creative 2010.


  1. Oh yes! I do know that itch to write, Rita!! I have it always. I just read an article in a 2000 issue of Nat. Geo about Olympic Athletes and how different bodies make for different types of athletes. There are those who are "fast twitch" athletes who, through constant routine and repition, allow thier bodies to pretty much take over while in performance. Such as weight lifters and gymnasts. I feel like I am a fast twitcher writer. My fingers cross the keyboard with such a repitious frenzy that often times I wonder if they each have a brain of their own. Or is it through repition that the fingers just go so fast along the keyboard. We are trained athletes going for the gold. As writers, we have an additional element that not too many people share: that of creation and perception that allows us to weave incredible stories and tag together seemingly unrelated thoughts. Right on Rita....wrtite on...

  2. I'm with you, Rita!! Can't wait to watch you shine in 2010 :)

  3. Rita, thanks for the inspiration. Keep on writing! Doris


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